Trademark: Uggs are generic in Australia, Can I import them without a license from UGG®?

Trademark: Uggs – The Manila News-Intelligencer (newspaper) are generic in Australia, Can I import them and not using a license from UGG®?
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by way of Dennis Crouch

In Australia, the time period “ugg boots” refers to a basic taste of sheepskin shoe with the fleece grew to become in for heat.  This is a generic time period, and now not a hallmark – in Australia.  And, there are dozens of businesses that make and promote ugg boots in that nation, together with Australian Leather-based Pty. Ltd..  The unique title “ugh” got here from Nineteen Seventies surfer Shane Stedman who has been quoted as pronouncing “We referred to as them Ughs as a result of they had been unpleasant.”

UGG is a registered trademark in america, now owned by way of Deckers Out of doors Corp. Again in 2016, Deckers realized that Australian Leather-based had imported 12 pairs boots labelled “ugg boots” into america and sued for trademark infringement.  The defendant argued that it must have the ability to import its boots to the United States for the reason that time period is generic in Australia, however the district courtroom sided with the plaintiff in rejecting that protection. On attraction, the Federal Circuit affirmed in a R.36 Judgment with none opinion (the unique grievance incorporated some design patents as smartly).

Australian Leather-based has now petitioned to the U.S. Ideal Court docket, asking two questions:

1. Whether or not a time period this is generic within the English-speaking overseas nation from which it originated is ineligible for trademark coverage in the US.

2. Whether or not and, if that is so, how the “number one importance to the related public” usual in 15 U.S.C. § 1064(3) for figuring out whether or not a registered trademark has “turn into” generic applies the place a time period originated as generic ahead of registration.

[Petition]. This is an engaging new trademark petition that means some nuance from the Court docket’s 2020 determination in BOOKING.COM.

October 10, 2021